The quality policy of BatterieIngenieure GmbH is specific and concise:

  • In its quality policy, BatterieIngenieure GmbH stands for:
    • customer-orientation
    • simplicity
    • flexibility
    • and solution-orientation in our actions to favour our customers’ interests and objectivity.
  • BatterieIngenieure’s results and analysis are scientifically sound and strictly objective. These are not externally influenced.


Defined processes and strict compliance and continuous improvement thereof constitute the foundation of our daily work and, accordingly, the basis for high quality and reproducible results. Therefore, we have defined specific processes for our different areas. Please feel free to contact us should you require further information on these processes.

BatterieIngenieure GmbH has a valid ISO 9001: 2008 certification of DEKRA Certification GmbH for the following area:

Testing, development, consulting and production in the field of energy storage.

ISO 9001
Specimen Details

Software interface for specimen management. Inventory and test results are automatically assigned to the corresponding specimen.

Inventarisierung eines Prüflings. Jeder Prüfling erhält einen individuellen Barcode, der Verwechselungen ausschließt und zudem Grundlage für die Nachverfolgung einzelner Prüfungen ist.

Inventory of a specimen. Each specimen will be assigned an individual barcode to avoid confusion and allow tracking of individual tests.