Cell and battery testing

Electrical tests on storage systems allow accurate characterising of key parameters such as energy, power, calendrical and cyclic lifetime, as well as performance, parameters for models, and temperature-dependent behaviour. For this purpose, we develop customised test procedures to accurately reflect and meet the requirements of customers’ applications. Alternatively, we offer measurement under international or working standards, as well as according to custom test procedures. While our test stations are thus designed according to relevant standards, they can individually be modified to meet customer’s specifications.

The range of measurable specimens ranges from small individual cells (e.g., coin cells) to large batteries, which can be charged and discharged with a power of 240kW. We rely on ovens, water baths, temperature or climatic chambers to individually control ambient temperature between -70 °C and +250 °C. Battery packs with cooling circuit can also be actively tempered via appropriate thermostats. It is possible to integrate the existing communication directly into the testing process (e.g., LIN, CAN protocols).

Along with electrical testing, we can perform supplementary impedance spectroscopy to accurately analyse specimen processes. On this basis, we develop and parameterise impedance-based models.

Specifically for lead-acid batteries, we offer half-cell measurements by means of H2 and Hg/Hg2SO4 reference electrodes. Furthermore, we apply special measuring methods for time and spatially-resolved measurements of acid density and potential distributions on the negative electrode, so that electrochemically active areas can be identified during measurement, and their chronological sequence properly determined.

Numerous applications demand both the electrical characterisation of specimens and their mechanical verification. To that end, we operate a vibration testing system suitable for specimens of up to 610kg, whereby we perform vibration, noise, and shock tests. During mechanical tests, specimens can be tempered by means of a temperature chamber and electrically measured.

Foto einer Blei-Batterie im Wasserbad zur Temperierung. Die Wassertemperatur und der Wasserstand werden automatisch geregelt und sind nach Normvorschrift ausgelegt.

Photo of a lead battery in a water bath for temperature control. Water temperature and level can be controlled automatically and are designed according to standard procedures.

Prüfsystem für mechanische Prüfungen. Optional kann der Prüfling auch während des mechanischen Tests temperiert und elektrisch vermessen werden.

Test system for mechanical testing. Specimens can be tempered during mechanical tests and measured electrically.